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11. One Minute Film & Video Festival


Here we answer some frequently asked questions. If you're still unsure about something please send us an email at info(at)oneminute.ch.

Can I still submit my film?
No, the deadline was January 31st but shortly after the festival you can submit your film for the next edition in 2017.

When does the festival start?
The start of the festival is on Friday, May 6th around 18.00 o'clock with an opening aperitif at the Stadtmuseum Aarau. We will screen a Best of Archive and some special films chosen by the festival team.

Is my film in the competition?
All films in the competition are listed here.

My film is not in the competition, will it still be shown?
Yes, it will be screened in one of four blocks of a spezial program in the Stadtmuseum Aarau.

When will my film be shown?
Films in the competition will be screened on Saturday, May 7th and Sunday Mai 8th at the Kino Schloss. All the other films are shown at the Stadtmuseum Aarau on both days.

Do you send invitations?
No. If you need one please contact us.

When will the winners be announced?
The award show will take place on Sunday May 8th at 20.00 o'clock at the Kino Schloss. Free entry.

As a filmmaker, do I get tickets?
During the festival filmmakers have the chance to get a pass with which they can get all the tickets at the Kino Schloss. Just ask us in the festival centre at the Stadtmuseum Aarau. Note:
- For each film we give out one pass in general.
- Foreign visitors will get multiple passes for friends they bring along.
- In the categories U20 und U20 Schoolprojects all participants will get passes. 

Will you come up for travel expenses?
No. Because of limited resources we are not able to fund your trip to the festival.

Can I sleep in Aarau?
Yes. We provide you a place to sleep for free in our Zero★Hotel! More infos over here.

What do the tickets cost?
You can get tickets for certain screenings or get a festival ticket. You'll find all about the prices over here.

Are there screenings for free?
Yes, all the selections shown in the Stadtmuseum Aarau are free.

What else can I do at the festival?
You can visit workshops, where you'll learn from professionals working in different areas of the medium film. Those workshops take place in the Kurszentrum Aarau and are free of charge. If you'd like to be active at the festival you could join a team and attend at the Instant-Competition. You'll find more information about that over here.

Where is the festival center?
The festival center is located at the Stadtmuseum Aarau. Here you find infos, something to drink and the opportunity to meet filmmakers. The screening locations are not far away as well.

Addresses please?
Festival center: Stadtmuseum Aarau | Schlossplatz 23
Competition: Kino Schloss | Schlossplatz 3
Selections: Stadtmuseum Aarau | Schlossplatz 23
Workshops: Kurszentrum Aarau | Laurenzenvorstadt 47

How do I stay up to date?
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