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11. One Minute Film & Video Festival

12. One Minute Film Festival Aarau
(6. – 8. May 2016)

The Festivals 12th edition continues to put a strict focus on one minute films. Apart from the five categories that make up the International Competition, selections are put together and will be displayed. Various workshops offer possibilities to hear and learn about interesting matters of the world of film. Not only will films be displayed, but also produced during the festival: The Instant-Competition gives room to make your own film within a certain time frame.

Don't miss the chance to have an interesting chat with a filmmaker in the Festival Centre's cozy atmosphere. Again it is located in the Stadtmuseum Aarau (municipal museum) in the heart of the city.

International Competition,
U20 Films & Audience Awards

In the International competition awards are to be given out in the categories feature and documentary film, art and experimental film and animation. The other two categories concern the best films from filmmakers under 20 y/o: Best Film and Best film realised by school classes. A Jury nominates three films in each category and then chooses the definite winner from the nominated. Two other awards are given out by the jury for the Best Argovian Film and Best Film Ü65. Furthermore two audience awards are given out by the present audience, additionally the audience decides who the winner in the category Best Instant Film shall be.


Just like every year selections from foreign One Minute Film Festivals are presented and special screenings with guests are offered. These selections will be displayed in the Stadtmuseum Aarau (municipal museum)  – free entrance.


Multiple workshops are being offered. Experts in certain fields talk about their experiences and discuss questions that may arise among the participants.

Events for filmmakers

As in previous editions special events for filmmakers are organised. So that you can join filmmakers, talk about films and experiences and make contacts for further projects. A brunch with coffee and croissants for filmmakers gives you the opportunity to present your own films and talk about the filming.